If you are a female and stand at 5’4″ or under you are familiar with the term “petite”, that French word the fashion industry uses to refer to your height and garment size and you are familiar with the term because finding clothes that fit your “smaller than average” stature is comparable to starring Ethan Hunt in a Mission Impossible movie. Now, if like me you happen to be even smaller and sit below the 5′ bar, you’ve most likely felt like an anomaly at some point, an alien landed from outer space or a unicorn or something because of the constant mention of your height and the fact that nothing on planet Earth seems designed to match your small frame – not the cars, not the kitchens, not the clothes, not the shoes, not even the darn socks! But luckily for us, there are brands out there that have heard our prayers and include pieces into their collections especially designed to meet our needs.


It might sound foolish to say, but J. Crew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Loft, Ann Taylor as well as Express are all brands I truly feel grateful to. I cannot express how happy and satisfied I felt when a blazer I had ordered on J. Crew came in and fit perfectly. It was my very first purchase from the brand and I couldn’t believe there was no need for alteration of any sort. All I needed to do was put it on and be on my way – I couldn’t imagine shopping for clothes could be that easy. It was the most expensive blazer I had ever bought but I was so surprised and pleased by the fit and quality that I didn’t mind giving them my money, they deserved it. This first experience buying “petite” encouraged me to give a try to other petite clothing brands and to focus as often as possible on quality and fit rather than the price tag. Though I can’t expect every brand that caters to petite women to always get their seizing right and combine fit and fashionable items at the same time, I know that for some specific garments they would not disappoint.


The dress I am wearing here is from Anthropologie and has made me very happy this Fall. I had to alter it a little bit since I am particularly tiny and they do seize up, but overall I was just glad I could find something I could work with, that looked good and was comfortable to wear.