I’ve been quiet all my life.
I’ve been invisible –a shade.

Silenced by my ever-growing fears.
Locked in the prison of my senses.

Where has humility gotten me?
I want to break free.

Confidence, come rescue me!

I’m writing and allowing my voice to be heard –as shaky and unsure it may sound.

I’m reading to grow intellectually and spiritually, to be inspired –empowered!

I’m trying to honor my mind and body through positive thinking, exercise and eating well. (Occasional plantains, ice cream, donuts, croissants… don’t hurt, or do they?)

I’m looking at my fears right in the eye and thinking, “why not me?” (The answer generally is an overwhelming list of reasons, that come rushing to my mind, but I choose to ignore them.)

I’m training my mind to focus on my strengths and the things that elevate me. (It’s a real struggle to figure these out.)

I’m learning to accept and appreciate compliments. (Yes, that’s very hard to do for some people.)

I’m constantly reminding myself that my small frame doesn’t mean I can’t take up space. (It deserves its own seat at the table.)

I’m committed to loving the body I am in, I pledge to carry it with grace. (You might catch me walking down the street like I’m on the runway.)

I’m posing with attitude in photos and posting them. (Hey, it takes courage you know!)

I’m pretending it doesn’t matter what some people may think of said photos.


I’m chasing confidence… It feels awkward –unnatural.

I’m pushing through.