This is Estha!

Welcome to The Book Of Estha ! I am Esther Sangan, a proud child of Bénin who also calls France her home. I am currently based in Washington DC where I have been getting a taste of the American way of life for a few years now. And as cliché as I know it sounds, I very much intend to eat all the donuts and burgers that come my way, before life calls me back for new adventures across the pond – but please don’t be like me, eat your greens !

Estha is one of the many nicknames I was given when I was younger. And although it may not sound like there is much of a difference between the two in English, trust me when I tell you that, growing up, the difference was stricking coming out of my mother’s mouth. While Estha meant that Mom is happy, Esther on the other hand didn’t predict anything good. It basically meant : « girl you better run for your life ». And even today as an adult, I still find myself plotting an escape plan whenever she calls me Esther, ha !

The Book Of Estha.

Besides providing you with a thourough insight on my childhood nicknames, The Book Of Esther is a platform that celebrates petite women through fashion, style, fitness and so on… The blog will also address the issues that come along with being petite in today’s society as well as the challenges we face on a daily basis. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read.