Hey Shorties!

I wonder what part of the globe everyone is in and how many of you ladies make it to this site. As I embark in this blogging journey, I am aware that until you guys discover this blog and together we turn it into the community I envision it to become, it is going to be a solitary adventure for a while. But I am not scared, I am convinced that I will find you eventually, and you will find me, and together we will inspire each another as well as embrace and celebrate our uniqueness.

For those of you who have somehow landed on this page, let’s jump right into it with this look I have put together. The blazer-with-shorts look is the perfect combination for a dressy look when you are a shorts-lover like myself. This is my favourite style of all times. I picked these mom denim shorts last week at Zara, as well as the black ballerina body, both at a very affordable price. The blazer however is from Mango and I have had it for quite some time now. But I linked a similar one down below in case you guys would be interested.

I am a strong believer that blazers are any shorty’s best friend, right after heels. They are very feminine, sophisticated and help in looking our age –which we all know can be a real challenge given our petite stature. So I strongly encourage you to invest in a good quality blazer, especially a classic black one if you haven’t already.

How do you like to dress up your denim shorts? Please share in the comment box below.